Poems & Stories and other such things - NEW

Poems & Stories and other such things - NEW!

Poems and stories from the middle of life. Photos and pictures, as a visual complement to the texts, complete this word trip perfectly. There, where one lacks the words, one should write a poem!

Introduction / Prologue

„Night thoughts“, they just come to me, all clothed in dreams! The morning comes, wakes me with its lights and sounds, I seize the words and text fragments of the faded night and write down what has remained. Words and their constructions reappear in English and in German, as if hidden in the drawers of an old Chinese medicine cabinet full of secrets. I blend what seems to belong together. I work on what is left to me. The language seems arbitrary, - where I master the language that is. Text is in English, text is in German and occasionally in the two. I do beg the reader‘s forbearance!
Author: Ulrich Krentz
Paperback: 140 Pages - €12.99
Publisher: Books on Demand GmbH
Edition: 1. Edition (June 2018)
Language: English / German
ISBN-10: 9783746006598
Size: 21,5 x 13,5 x 1 cm