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Eternal Cowboy

When then the grave me firmly holds,
I'd wish a horseman would come by,
-With a wide brimmed hat and pointed boots-
Who listens to my silent calls
Only to be heard by the wind so high:
"Do plant a tree down in my vale,
To grow for a thousand and one year
-You sing the eternal song I loved-
Each of its leaves tells you a tale
About my past, only for you to hear."
© Uli Krentz, Luxembourg 2015


Summer (Ode to Autumn)

When I then finally have to trade-in summer's hot days
For my, although self-chosen,
But - cooling comfort of the dark,
I'm longing for
-Full of expectations-
Lord Autumn with his powers!
© Uli Krentz, Trier, July 2015


Table in Tree

Made by master craftsman's hand
Is the table I sit at every day;
Eat and drink, talk and listen, laugh and cry,
By the virtue of the tree it grew within its bole
-in the eternal fight against Earth' magnetic powers-
It comes towards me...
Me, granted to sit at it upright.
© Uli Krentz, August 2014, Luxembourg
In Memory of my Grandfather Heinrich Hofmeister